Student-powered tablets add up to high-tech learning

A different type of interactive tablet is being used inside the math classrooms of Indian Lake Middle Schools.


Indian Lake Middle School seventh-graders, Taylor Mackesy, Daisy Golden and Breanna Thompson receive help from math teacher Kelli Strayer and use their interactive notebooks in class Wednesday. (EXAMINER PHOTO | HALEY COOPER)

A grant funded by the Logan County Education Foundation and American Honda, help give students access to small composition tablets (interactive notebooks) for math classes in grades five through eight.

According to seventh-grade math teacher, Kelli Strayer, the interactive notebooks have become so successful that all subjects in seventh-grade have decided to implement the notebooks in their classrooms next year as well.

“The students have said they like the tablets and it keeps them organized,” said Mrs. Strayer. “I recently took a poll to see who liked them and about 90 percent of them (seventh-grade students) are all for the interactive notebooks.”


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