Lakeview residents raise concerns of former restaurant property

A group of five Lakeview property owners attended the Wednesday afternoon Logan County District Board of Health meeting to express their concerns regarding a property that formerly housed a restaurant in their neighborhood.

The residents of Channelview Drive and Circle Drive said the former Blackhawk Inn, 11543 State Route 365, Lakeview, is now a safety hazard.

In December 2012, the health board issued an order to revoke the food service license for the restaurant following various critical violations. In addition, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency revoked Blackhawk Inn’s license to operate a public water system.

Its license holder and the owner of the property, Darrell Johnston of DeGraff, never reopened the facility as a restaurant.

During a recent inspection of the property, health district employees found that the building has holes in the roof and siding, a collapsed ceiling, an open walk-in cooler and freezer with rotten food and waste, old equipment stored outside, and bags of trash around the premise.

A citation was issued March 21 to Mr. Johnston, and there is now tar paper over the holes in the roof, but the holes in the siding and the waste remain, officials said.

Channelview Drive resident Anthony Collins spoke on behalf of the neighboring residents, asking for the condemnation of the building.

“I urge you today to take action to condemn this property,” he said. “It’s a safety hazard for families with children who live in the area and the thousands of people who visit this area.

“We’ve dealt with this long enough, and this is becoming an economic issue because it’s affecting our property values as well.”


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