Ohio voters pass two-thirds of school levies

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio voters have passed more than two-thirds of the school funding levies on ballots statewide.

The Ohio School Boards Association says that 102 funding levies were approved by voters Tuesday, while 46 were rejected.

The association said Wednesday that the 69-percent approval rate for the 148 levies was consistent with statewide results in previous elections.

Ohio voters approved 82 of 137 school tax issues in May 2013. That's a passage rate of 60 percent.

The school boards association says 27 of 65 new school tax issues were approved Tuesday, a passage rate of about 40 percent. Voters approved 75 of 83 renewal school tax issues on the ballot. That's a 90-percent passage rate.

The association's Damon Asbury said it's typically an "uphill battle" to get new or additional money approved.