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New audiologist brings firsthand experience to Maze Hearing


Jason Wigand, who has a bilateral cochlear implant to combat his hearing loss, demonstrates a hearing test machine at the Bellefontaine office of Maze Hearing and Balance, where he will work as an audiologist after his graduation this weekend from The Ohio State University. Inside the booth is the office’s new administrative assistant Tiffany Pulfer. (EXAMINER PHOTO | REUBEN MEES)

When Jason Wigand began losing his hearing as a teenager, he never knew it would one day become an opportunity to help others.

Over the years, his hearing impairment worsened to the point he began using hearing aids. By the age of 30, it had reached the point of near total hearing loss.

It was at that time he decided to have a surgery to receive bilateral cochlear implants, which are electronic devices that create sound sensations for individuals with profound hearing loss.

And it was at that point, his interest in the science of audiology began.

“I got into audiology after I got the implants,” he said, noting that his previous career was as a transportation manager with FedEx.

Now nine years later, he will graduate from The Ohio State University this weekend as a doctor of audiology and will join Maze Hearing and Balance as one of two new audiologists on staff at their three locations.



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