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No wonder, people in Bellefontaine has changed

It's not one loud Harley-Davidson in the distance that is the problem. In Bellefontaine and surrounding, it seems like the Wild West has come upon us, where lawlessness such as beating wives and anybody else, public intoxication and blatant disrespect for others is a badge of honor. Why on earth is a bar where cussing and carousing is the rule allowed to place tables outside and disturb the peace? To get by the non-smoking law? It isn't the people who live in the neighborhood that are the problem, it's the sort of people who think sitting at a bar pouring mind-altering liquor into their craws is the road to Xanadu, then roaring out drunk on their ego mobiles back to their babies at home in the wee hours. It's never been done in the past in Bellefontaine. Indian Lake put the kabosh on it. It's not done in most places for good reason, meaning people, young and old need their rest, free of noise and rowdiness that arises the more inebriated people get. There was a day not long ago at all in Bellefontaine when people would not have thought of willfully disturbing the peace, much less of forcing a court judgment that would allow bad behavior to rule others. It's called common courtesy. Small wonder why industry and manufacturing is leaving and does not choose to locate in a place where such boorish ignorance rules. These are not people who will conform in the work place either. What's the intoxication limit for driving in Ohio? .08? If this was enforced, controversy wouldn't even be coming up. Maybe the city ought to put a head tax on outside drinking at venues like this since they need the money so desperately. Go paint a house instead of wasting your money and time drinking booze. The city is looking sad.

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