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No credibility to ILHS threat rumors

Washington Township Police continue to investigate rumors of threats allegedly made earlier in the week to “shoot up” Indian Lake High School.


Chief Rick Core said his department was advised Thursday of students who had overheard two named males talking about “shooting up the school” Friday and relayed that information to their parents, who contacted authorities to investigate.

Officers spoke with about two dozen students, parents and school staff regarding the “very vague” report, Chief Core said.

In speaking with the boys, officers found neither had access to any weapons and claimed they were overheard talking about other students they thought were capable of committing such an act of violence while discussing the events of the Sandy Hook School shooting Dec. 14.

After administrators and others vouched for the students in question, police concluded there was no credible threat. Before determining there was no real threat, Chief Core had already aligned with other area law enforcement agencies to have no less than six cruisers and multiple officers in place Friday morning. However, weather forced a school cancellation Friday, negating the need for extra police presence.

“There will be no tolerance of threats or acts of violence against any school,” Chief Core affirmed. “Any such threats or acts will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. “I will put in as many hours as necessary to avoid having to report the opposite (an actual shooting).”

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