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Academics recognized by Rotary Club

Judge Michael Brady of the Juvenile Division of Logan County Common Pleas Court encouraged high school seniors to work hard when he addressed the 35th annual Bellefontaine Rotary Club Honors Dessert Monday at Bellefontaine High School.

Judge Michael Brady of the Juvenile Division of Logan County Common Pleas Court addressed Monday evening’s honors dessert hosted by the Bellefontaine Rotary Club. (EXAMINER PHOTO | MANDY HOCHSTEDLER)

Holding up a paper that read “education + hard work = ?”, he explained that applying hard work toward an education in a specific field gives a person the ability to control what happens in their life, such as what kind of work they will be doing in the future.

He said his father impressed upon him the importance of education in finding an occupation that he would enjoy, and often said, “When your feet hit the floor in the morning, you’d better love what you do.”

About 130 students were honored including:

Bellefontaine High School — Taylor Angle, Tanisha Breaston*, Michael Bull, Katherine Childers, Courtney Cole, Victoria Davenport, Jessica Ei Ling Du, Amanda Enderle*, Aaron Figley, Jeremy Frazier, Robert Gump, Bethany Harshfield, Jessica Haushalter, Amanda Henry, Brice Henry, Alexis Jolliff, Zachory Kapphahn*, Connor Kellogg, Taylor Manahan, Kelly Miller, Lawrence Miller, Ebony Newman, Celestine Niswonger*, Jacklynn Pellman, Bailey Penhorwood, Jordan Price, Jordan Richards, Morgan Richmond, Shelby Roberts, Michael Shoffner, Hannah Snapp, Landon Stapleton, Katherine Stephens, Michael Stockton, Kyle Thomas, Jennifer Williams, Bethany Younkman.

Benjamin Logan High School — Tyler Ahle, Ezra Bachochin, Lauren Bycynski, Morgan Cline, Chelsea Cox, Tessa Drumm, Brooke Eriwn, Alexandria Beehler-Evans, Jessica Frazier*, Robert Gates, Deanna Griffith, Hayley Goodrich, Mitchell Kenoyer, Kelsey Lininger, Nicole McNamara*, Jonathon Mobley, Zachary Overturf, Brittney Poling, Brooke Poppe, Mackenzie Risner, Sara Stierhoff, Wesley Stover, Vanessa Wilkins, Kaitlyn Wilson, Mary Zoldak.

Indian Lake High School — Stanley Beatty, Melissa Bell, Benjamin Berg, Haley Bray, Maci Brunk, Becca Cooper, Casey Craft, Emily Gardner, Kelsey Gates, Jacob Harper, Kayla Henson, Andrew Herren, Ross Jenkins, Caitlin Jordan, Kaylynn Kaeck, Kileen Kaeck, Megan Kelly, Christina Knief, Connor Lewis, Tanisha Lewis, Sarah Mallory, Shelby Oda, Jared Phelps, Adam Reichert, Leanne Reichert, Brittany Roby, Neill Schwieterman, Trevor Sesher, Kindra Sheeley, Haley Shepard, Chrstina Shotts, Troy Thieman, Haley Tron, Tanys Wade, Rachel Watt, Briana Wickoff, Kaylyn Wright.

Ridgemont High School — Tyler Furer, Danae Holycross, Malana Ledley, Miranda Roehler.

Riverside High School — Meredith Comer, Chelsie Hickey, Bryce Hodge, Ashley Hughes, Christine Longbrake, Luke Meade, Carrie Minnich, Maria Morris, Trevor Morris, Bailey Robison, Brittany Scott, Sarah Schwindewolf, Brittany Shough.

West Liberty-Salem High School — Janalee Glunt, Elisabeth Gresh, John Hance IV, Rebekah Hunt, Sarah Hunt, Abbey Jenkins, Ross Lowry, Nathaniel Marceau, Matthew McKelvey, Kayla Peterson, Kathleen Scott, Sadie Shafer, Shelby Shafer*, Jacob Shank, Tara Wyatt.

* denotes Ohio Hi-Point Career Center students.

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