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Frustrations abound with odverdraft policy

I don't know if I am more upset or embarrassed.   

My bank offers 24-hour check protection in the case of an overdraft.

I have used this option many times.

I have direct deposit for my pension check on the first of every month. So, on the last day of the month I usually pick up my prescriptions, get a few things at the grocery store and by doing so avoid the first of the month crunch.

Today, Oct. 31, was no different. I went to the grocery store, picked up a few things and my debit card was declined. (The total came too more than I had in my checking account but I was not worried because I have the 24-hour protection option.)

The cashier tried again, declined again.

I set my cart aside and went to the ATM machine at my bank. Declined. Thinking this may have been an effect of Hurricane Sandy. I went inside the bank. I told the teller my problem, she looked on her computer and couldn't understand the problem either. She called a supervisor who told me that the 24-hour protection was at the bank's discretion. This was news to me. This was the first time that this had happened. The supervisor gave me a number to call and I left the bank, went home and called the number. I was told that the 24-hour protection was at the bank's discretion.

So I said, oh, I see, it's 24-hour protection sometimes. I was never told this.

I don't understand how this can be advertised as 24-hour protection, when it doesn't apply all the time. I think this should be made known so that someone else will not be as embarrassed as I was, (just sayin').

Nancy Roellig
Russells Point

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