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10 reasons I cannot vote for Barack Obama

This election is first and foremost about the economy. Based on this, I cannot vote for Barack Obama for the following reasons:

1. We are now over $16 trillion in debt. This is inexcusable and there is no sign that the president is willing to curb his spending. Obamacare will not only increase the deficit but will also increase taxes which will hit the middle class. Candidate Obama stated that if he couldn't cut the deficit in half during his first term he would not deserve reelection. So be it.

2. Our true jobless rate is higher than the 7.8 percent that was recently released. There are millions of Americans out of work, under employed or who have given up on finding jobs. Our president has never held a private sector job and does not know how to encourage private sector jobs.

3. For the first time in our history, the credit rating of the United States has been degraded twice during this administration. We went from AAA to AA and now we are at AA-. If we cannot control our spending we could get downgraded again.

4. There has not been a federal budget during Obama's presidency. The Democrats controlled the White House, Congress and the Senate during Obama's first two years. If Obama could not get a budget passed then, he clearly does not deserve another term.

5. Family incomes have dropped eight percent since Obama took office. Healthcare costs have increased even though Obama promised if his Affordable Care Act passed, healthcare premiums would fall.

6. Gas prices have increased 100 percent.

7. Entitlements continue to increase - over 46 million people are now getting food stamps. Medicare recipients have increased significantly. We need jobs.

8. Obama has stifled our gas, coal and oil production. Rather than encouraging domestic production, Obama is sending money to other countries to help them develop their energy resources. This is not only bad business - we should be in competition with these countries - it continues our dependence on foreign energy supplies. We need the jobs these industries would provide.

9. Obama has shipped jobs and stimulus money to other countries. Obamas jobs czar, Jeffrey Immelt, shipped thousands of jobs to China even though his company GE received stimulus dollars. And who can forget Solyndra and all the green energy jobs that took stimulus money then either folded or moved to another country?

10. Obama is working for the unions, not the workers. Had GM filed bankruptcy and restructured, they could have saved jobs while we could have avoided the debt this caused our government. What happened to the GM stock the government purchased? It was given to the unions.

These reasons are all economic but there are more regarding foreign policy and "leading from behind," tax codes, "Fast & Furious," and our standing as a world leader.

Diane J. Hager


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