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4 years of failed policy

On Monday, Dec. 8, 1941, the United States had just lost 2,403 Americans, along with many battleships, cruisers and aircraft at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese then had three times as many naval vessels and four types of aircraft better than anything America could put in the air. The 1st Marine Division was using 1903 bolt-action, single shot Springfield rifles. America had half a Navy and essentially no Army nor Air Corps. In Europe, the Germans were dining in Paris and bombing England at will. Civilization itself was in peril. In fewer than four years this country, with great leadership, defeated Japan, Germany and Italy on opposites sides of the earth.

In fewer than four years this administration has made America worse off: $5 trillion in added debt, 23 million Americans unemployed, under employed or no longer looking for work, 600,000 lost manufacturing jobs, median household income down by $4,500. Greatly reduced home values and family health care premiums now $2,500  higher. Gasoline prices have doubled. One of every six Americans live in poverty and 16 million Americans have been added to the food stamp rolls. Here in Summit County we have 14,900 fewer workers than in September 2008.

Wake up Ohio, in this election you are voting for the rest of America as well as yourself.

George Nehlsen

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