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Health Care Reform

Jerry, I think you have hit the nail on the head! Unemployment will likely continue to increase through the end of this year. These unemployed workers and previously laid-off workers prospects for re-employment at their former wage level with benefits will be less than poor. We need to find a civilized way to deal with this rapidly growing problem. Also I think those of us lucky enough to have health insurance coverage should have more choice in our health care. People talk about turning our health care over to a government bureaucracy without any control. I would ask how much control do we have over the Insurance Corporations large bureaucracies? People talk about the government coming between them & their Doctor. My Insurance Company tells me which Doctor I can visit without paying a premium for going "out of network". You can go to the Mary Rutan Hospital Emergency Room & have to pay a premium because you were treated by an "out of network' Doctor. Usually you don't have the time to consult your Insurance Company Directory of approved Doctors in an emergency situation. My Insurance Company tells me which drugs they will provide at the least expense even though my Doctor & I may believe their "approved" drug may not be the best drug to treat my ailment(s). Now you can buy a 90 day supply of "generic" drugs from Walmart, CVS, Rite-Aid, Krogers, Walgreen, etc. for $10.00 but my Insurance Company owned "mail-order" pharmacy is still charging $20.00 for the same 90 day supply of the same"generic" drug. And the list goes on. I think as a "civilized" society we should be able to look at the health care systems of the other industrialized countries of the world and choose the best facets of each to come up with a better system for these United States. And do so without yelling & screaming at each other. I would agree Jerry that our legislators might be more responsive to the "common" peoples health care needs if they had to use Social Security Retirement & Medicare for their health care. Perhaps that is a change we should put in the "Health Care Package"

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