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True Health care reform

Ok, don't take my word for it, do some research yourselves. Anyone remember the flu vaccine shortage in the Bush Era ? This was compliments of Hillary Clinton, whom in her misguided head went to the drug companies stating that we should pay a flat rate for the vaccines they produced. The drug companies said sure, but limit the liability on us so that we can't be sued for someone getting a vaccine without cunsulting thier physician. "Not so fast", says Hilly, "we couldn't do something like that, how would the trial lawyers make a living". Then many of the vaccine makers here in America go elsewhere to do business. The same goes for your healthcare, stop making it a lotto win for frivoulous lawsuits, enact some tort reform, and watch the costs come down. Or how about letting Doctors deduct their pro bono time? Lets face it folks, the government health care plan is not about reducing costs, its about Governement having more control in YOUR life. I challenge everyone who thinks this bill is a great thing to read the 1200 pages or so of it, and then tell me that it sin't meant to do away with private insurance, and create one of the largest government run taxpayer funded behemouths of all time. I also wonder, if you are for this plan, why you would trust the people who have bankrupt Social security, and medicare, to decide what health paln is right for you ?

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