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Sierra club Executive on Coal Malevolence

If you read Carl Popes Op-ed piece, you can certainly tell that he is one of the Eco-Nazi's looking to take over your energy prices with their Cap and Tax ideas. I'm left to wonder if Mr. Pope gets his energy from a wind farm outside his home? Perhaps a nice solar array? Most of our electricity here in Ohio does come from coal, but Mr. Popes group opposes building of more Nuclear plants that could supply us with the energy we need cleanly. He obviously wants things HIS way, regardless of what it costs every family in America. Lets remember in this year of record low highs just how real "Global warming" really is. How much money do you suppose the Sierra club has invested in GE, and other "clean energy" companies? Ask him how he feels about building a dozen new oil refineries around the country so you won't have to pay for four dollar a gallon gasoline again. Oh thats right gasoline is one of those EVIL polluting fuels that killing the environment. I grew up in an area that used coal for heat, as well as having electricity supplied from coal. I don't see a great deal of harm to myself nor the people I grew up around, so me thinks that Mr. Pope doth protest too much. Coal is today a lot cleaner energy source than what it was 30 years ago. It supplied my grandfather with a mining job that allowed him to raise 11 children, and not one of them can tell you that they had a truly rough or unhappy childhood. Mr. Pope has made a living in a business that didn't exist before the eco-terrorists like the sierra club, green peace, ELF, and others came into being. I defend his right to his opinion, even though he's dead wrong.

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