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Invalid analogies

Nice try with the analogies, but it does not make it clear to me. A tree is a fully formed organism. A city is designed. A pot with a handle does not reproduce. A car does not reproduce. Now take swine flu. That reproduces and demonstrates evolution today. The question of the duration of a day is not a problem at all. My problem is why it was not created all at once. My problem is that I don't understand why a celestial divinity needed a break. My problem is that plants were created before the sun. My problem is that there was morning and evening before there was a sun. A tree has year rings. So does ice. The layers in the ice indicate an age of several billion years and not 6000. Or 7000. If Darwin had known about DNA the model would have been more intricate, but not false. Ask yourself why an eye was designed to need glasses. Ask yourself why albinos were created. Ask yourself why a creator made mistake after mistake and had to start over so many times. You have started thinking so just carry on and don't stop here.

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