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Bellefontaine spending

I agree with the people who are getting fed up with unnecessary spending. New schools, new airport, arch way over court avenue, water rates increasing, raises for firefighters, etc. I am a single parent with what I thought was a very good job working for Honda. Yes I consider myself fortunate to have a nice home, hopefully a good retirement, small investments that I contribute to weekly for years etc. but also have property tax that has tripled since I built my home. Have not had a pay raise is 5 years, (recently took a pay cut) will not see a yearly bonus for atleast the next few years (By the way, this is how I pay my property tax) not to mention trying to prepare for a graduation next year, then college. Some of you just don't get it. Well maybe the next business that closes here in Bellefontaine will be yours and you'll understand what many of us are dealing with and trying to work through. This is by far the worst I have seen our economy in my lifetime and do not see it getting better anytime soon. I also do not think this is the time to ask any of our citizens for additional taxes for anything, atleast not now. Remember recently we had articles in the paper talking about our schools and how we need a levy to keep things going. Funny how now we are looking to buy land to build new one huh. If I had it my way we would fire all of you and start over. Atleast I can budget what I have!

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