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Dumped cats and dogs

The dumping of your animals has to stop! I live next door to the Humane Society and I have 10 cats of my own that were raised here. I am now feeding about 19 and spotted a new one today. Somebody dumped a dog Tuesday last week and it is rolled up on the highway in a ball. The only way you can tell it is a dog is by it's two feet sticking out of the mess. I am pleading with you to stop dumping your unwanted animals. Do the best you can until this economy picks up again. I am retired and I do not get a raise this year or next, thanks to the government who thought we didn't need one but they did! You used to be able to advertise your pets for free if they were free to a good home in the classifieds. How about doing the same Examiner! Somebody dumped a beautiful orange and white kitten here two weeks ago, he is doing fine after I got him to come out from under my husband's wheelchair ramp. I will get him fixed and shots and will be looking for a good home free to you. I'll run an ad when he is ready. Help the Humane Society as much as you can, even if it is just time. Can you afford a $1 a week? Anything will help feed these unwanted animals.

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