NFL turmoil returns

The National Football League has had plenty of stories and turmoil during the offseason. In predictable fashion, plenty of new stories have surfaced in time for preseason. Here are a few of my favorite:

Crabtree confused

The latest news in the NFL came Thursday with the stunt Michael Crabtree is pulling. The first-round pick and rookie wide receiver out of Texas Tech is threatening to sit out a year and re-enter the NFL draft if he doesn’t get the money he feels he deserves.

Really? How about a reality check instead?

Crabtree was picked 10th overall by the San Francisco 49ers and was the second wide receiver to be taken in the draft. He must think contracts are made purely on hype. Crabtree was supposed to be the top wide receiver chosen in the draft, but that didn’t happen.

Instead, Oakland Raider owner Al Davis chose Darrius Heyward-Bey from Maryland ahead of Crabtree as the number seven pick. So unless Crabtree gets more than the $23.5 million Heyward-Bey is guaranteed by Oakland, he says he isn’t lacing up his cleats.

His method is also causing a lot of other first-round picks to hold out in hopes of getting high-paying contracts.

So let me get this straight. Crabtree is an unproven NFL rookie, has not played a down in the NFL, thinks his hype should overshadow the reality of what happened at the draft and that Al Davis is off his rocker for not picking him as the top wide receiver.

I agree with the last part about Davis, but that’s it. To me, Crabtree is being just plain crabby. Corny or not, it’s true. The draft is not about consensus opinion or the hype that you will be a star. The reality is Michael Crabtree was the 10th pick, whether he wants to come to grips with it or not.

Bold, unique or ridiculous, Crabtree’s tactics aren’t gaining him anything. He’s missing out on being acclimated to the NFL game speed over a few million dollars. If he does sit out a year and re-enter the draft will it hurt him? Probably not. He’ll still be a top pick, but his antics won’t win him any fans in or out of the locker room.

This path of self worth and “me attitude” shadows another NFL star who needs a time out. Eat your heart out Terrell Owens. Like Owens, who currently has a TV show on VH1, I fully expect a reality show sometime over the next year starring Crabtree at this rate.

Favre, Vick will be back

Brett Favre and Michael Vick. When will they come back? What team will they be with? I don’t know the answer to either of those, but it’s going to happen.

The joke of Favre’s retirement/ return is wearing thin. He’s back one minute, he’s gone the next, he says he is coming back and now he isn’t.

I respect the fact that he wants to make sure he has what it takes to play and not hurt whatever team he is with, but enough is enough. Favre making the call to stay retired just before training camp didn’t hurt the Vikings any, but it certainly caused a big stir that was not necessary.

The fact that he waited as long as he did to make a decision tells me he won’t be on the sidelines for long. After a few weeks, I expect that Favre will get the itch and some NFL team in need of a quarterback is going to give him a call. Favre will answer.

As for Vick, he’ll sign with someone. PETA or not, some team will be willing to take a chance on him. The Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks are my top two picks.

Bengals have potential

The Cincinnati Bengals are a sleeper team this year — and by sleeper I mean win 8-9 games and miss the playoffs.

No, I’m not a Bengals fan and certainly not a Browns fan either. But, I have to admit Cincinnati has the opportunity to gain some ground this season. The only real loss was that of T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who went to Seattle.

What the Bengals do have is former pro bowl quarterback Carson Palmer back, a rejuvenated and hopefully incident-free Chris Henry at wide receiver and the emerging Cedric Benson at running back.

The additions of Laveranues Coles at wide receiver, Tank Johnson and Roy Williams and rookie linebacker Rey Maualuga on defense only help the Bengals’ cause.

They have a lot of good things going on in Cincinnati. However, it is impossible to forget they are the same old “Bungals.” Sadly, I’m sure something will go wrong to sputter this team to a 5-11 or 4-12 season.

Lucky for us, I’m sure we’ll be able to read about the team’s chaos on Chad Ocho Cinco’s Twitter page.