And in the GOP corner?

Reuben MeesJoe Biden.


Joe Biden!?!?

My reaction Saturday when I heard Barack Obama’s choice of a running mate was as lackluster as the vice-presidential hopeful’s name itself.

Joe bidin’ time until some other election might represent any meaningful change for our country.
Evidently no one read my column about picking Ron Paul or Ralph Nader. Even Hillary Clinton would have been better than Joe Biden.

So that brings me to the real point of this piece.

After writing the piece about the Democratic candidate some months ago, I promised a friend I would do one on the GOP as well.

So here goes. You might notice a pattern developing in my line of thought.

1. Hillary Clinton. Like I wrote in my first column, extend the laurel across the aisle and capitalize on the many voters who still support Clinton. Probably isn’t going to happen, though.

2. Olympia Snowe. The Senator from Maine has demonstrated years of commitment to public service and the Republican Party, has won multiple elections to her office and could do well as a vice-president. She hasn’t been mentioned publicly as a potential choice, however.

3. Carly Fiorina. The CEO of Hewlett-Packard has been widely discussed, although she has no real political experience.

Clearly the pattern here is that they are all women. While I don’t believe a woman will do a better job just because she is a woman, I also don’t believe that politics — especially on the grand scale of the presidential election — is about qualifications. It’s all about public appearance and a woman on the ticket would go a long way in helping the GOP’s public persona.

But to my dismay, the short list seems to include all white men with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and current Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty being the most talked about.

Of the two, I would have to say Pawlenty for no other reason than I have met and interviewed him when he visited Camp Shelby outside Hattiesburg, Miss., where I was covering the going away ceremony for about 3,000 Minnesota National Guard troops.

He’s a nice guy, but as all the political pundits are quick to note, he is rather young and a little green for a vice-president candidate.

I’ve almost reached the point of not caring anymore.

Maybe when I turn in my ballot it will have the following words written on the jacket:

Frank Moore, president …

Susan Block, vice president.


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