Take the money and run

Jim MasonBrett Favre should have done everyone a favor and taken the money and stayed home.

We’ve been covering in news reports about the once-retired quarterback for weeks now, and finally, he’s found his way to New York.

Last week the Packers offered their franchise’s most beloved player $25 million to stay retired and become part of a promotional campaign, however, he bucked that ideal and decided to return to the NFL.

This was a bad move.

Not only has he been traded to a marginal team with an outside chance at the playoffs, he’s missed the boat in helping other players.

Favre has no need for the money or to continue playing to cement himself into the NFL Hall-of-Fame.

He should have remained retired, taken the money from the Packers and then done the noble thing and donated it to the aging NFLers who cannot afford health insurance for their aging woes. The NFL Players Association has done little to help these aging players, but Favre’s $25 million would have gone a long way in placing himself on a pedestal where few others sit.